We made it. The final chapter of an odd business blog series somehow loosely related to cows. For this final blog post in this series, I thought a quick recap of our books-1850645_1920.jpgmajor takeaways was in order. So without further ado…

Sacred Cow Grilling Tips…

  1. People within a business will either allow for change or reject it entirely.
  2. You can’t get people to agree to change they need to want it.
  3. To be the best you need to create change not respond to it.
  4. Change is a constant process, to stop changing is to stop doing business.
  5. Be a beginner, ask stupid questions and challenge the status quo.
  6. A group of people does not a team make. Develop and motivate teams.
  7. Working too fast doesn’t get more work done, it creates poor work and less of it. Not to mention the breakdown in thinking and communication.
  8. Don’t play by other people’s rules. Make your own.
  9. You’ve got to risk it for the proverbial biscuit. Don’t play to not lose, make mistakes and learn.
  10. The customer deserves more than to be happy, surprise them.
  11. The fanciest gadget and tech is not always the best.
  12. Meet with purpose and direction, not for refreshments.
  13. Foster trust and focus on possibilities. Never limit or intimidate yourself or your employees.
  14. Encourage change and enable readiness. Don’t let fear dictate decisions.
  15. Inspire and empower your employees and get passionate work in return.
  16. Each person brings their own strengths and weaknesses, know them and use them.
  17. Create change but don’t force it. Keep the challenge and resources in balance.
  18. You can learn or teach how to be better at change. We all have the capacity within us.

2 thoughts on “A conclusion for how Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers!

  1. Great Post! I love the entire list! Change is a tough one for people. I love change when it’s easy. Like now I’m trying to change and get healthy, and it’s a struggle!! I also like your point about making your own rules, I def. think this is me!


  2. One of the things I’ve always hated in larger corporations is “we’ve always done it this way.” Change is good and necessary to move a business forward. This list if full of some great suggestions from the book and I appreciate the compilation in your post. Point 4 resonates with me: Change is constant. As entrepreneurs, we must always look for opportunities to make our business better in all ways.


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