new-piktochart_21904904_e7c5806972791b71c73eda4517fb68b89323b31c.jpeg7 Reasons to Hire an Advertising Agency

April 22, 2017, by Heather Miranda Sholar, writer for Oak City Business Blog

Brainstorming, developing, and delivering effective advertising campaigns is time-consuming and expensive. Establishing or maintaining a business in an existing niche is both, challenging and rewarding. Business owners have to think about taxes, payroll, invoicing, customer service, products and services among many other daily responsibilities. One thing entrepreneurs should leave to someone else is advertising.

The field of advertising has become modern and cutting edge. There is more to advertising than running an ad in a local newspaper or creating a social media account. Certainly, there are free services business owners can utilize the internet, but as many resources exist for entrepreneurs to use there is a lot of information entrepreneurs just don’t have the means or time to access. There are free resources at the disposal of entrepreneurs and business owners, alike, it takes strategic planning to utilize those resources. Even then those resources do not provide a comprehensive plan for advertising. They are simply, what they are, a resource. It’s those voids in data, strategy, and tools that keep good marketing campaigns from becoming great. Here are 7 reasons to hire an advertising agency.

7 Reasons to Hire an Advertising Agency

  1. Expertise

When hiring an ad agency, the gain is not just the expertise of one highly trained and well-versed individual but a team of experts to help plan and implement a marketing plan. The field of marketing is a highly competitive one, not just for gaining the attention of consumers against other businesses but for the ad personnel, too. Ad agencies are vying for the best employees to make the largest impact for their customers.

  1. Save money/ financial benefits

In regard to saving money, it may feel like it costs a lot to hire ad agency up front. Initially, it will cost a considerable amount up front, but the savings lie in what the company can do after that investment. Advertising agencies save money on printing, supplies, distribution, and software. The power that ad agencies have to purchase in bulk or wholesale allows for money to remain in the business owner’s pocket. Additionally, savings can be found by not having to have an advertising specialist on staff year round. Advertising agencies also bring with them a repertoire of contacts that provide the agency with the ability to negotiate lower media rates, as opposed to approaching them directly.

  1. Data analytic software and databases

Anyone can run a catchy, intriguing, and innovative ad. It’s the ability to direct, monitor, and correctly forecast the impact an ad will have on a target audience that separates sufficient from superb. Data software and access to survey data can be expensive. An advertising analytic software like, Funnel, which provides users with data from multiple ad platforms, live dashboards, cross-channel analytics, and sync with Google Analytics costs a minimum of $199.00 a month.

  1. Priority/ accountability

In small businesses, a way to cut costs is for employees to balance many responsibilities within one title. Here is a scenario that could very well happen in a small business today. Suddenly, an employee who was in charge of invoicing and inventory is now responsible for creating and distributing a new marketing kit for the holiday season. Little did anyone know, many orders would be on back stock and the inventory control employee is spending their time searching out new channels for products and has little time to focus on a marketing kit. October turns to January and the moment is gone. With utilizing an advertising agency there is no way for projects to fall to the wayside. Dedicated employees within the advertising agency will work to ensure projects are rolled out without a hitch.

  1. The ability to a la cart your advertising needs

By having a firm, you can get only what you pay for. Scale your marketing efforts.

One thing that is true about businesses is there will be times when expenses will fluctuate, especially in the beginning. In those times when the marketing budget needs to be adjusted advertising agencies will work with their customer’s to tailor their products to their customer’s needs and budget. Advertising agencies will allow business owners to purchase or select as many or as few services necessary to get the job done.

  1. Outside Perspective

Pablo Picasso said it best, “There is only one way to look at things until someone shows us how to look at them with different eyes”. An outside perspective is an asset that is to be gained from hiring an ad agency. This fresh outside look will produce new, energetic approaches. As mentioned before with a team comes an expertise and several sets of eyes with a new creative interpretation of what your business has to offer.

  1. Buffers from Direct Media Outlets

Direct media like, radio, television, newspaper, social media require attention and specificity to the type of deliverable they require to be successful. Direct media outlets are also looking to seek out as many advertisers as possible. With an advertising agency, unlike direct media, they benefit from maintain and growing their current clients business. Advertising agencies, also, have the ability to manage the contacts

Heather Miranda Sholar is an artist and owner of Apogee Art Studio, writer and developer of Oak City Business Blog and graduate student with North Carolina State University in the Masters of Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Sports Management. She is also currently enrolled in the Masters of Entrepreneurship Degree Program at Western Carolina University. Webmasters and other article publishers are hereby granted article reproduction permission as long as this article in its entirety, author’s information, and any links remain intact. Copyright 2017 by Heather Sholar.

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3 Marketing Strategies Every Artist Should Implement

February 25, 2017, by Heather Miranda Sholar

Are you a new artist? Are you a veteran artist looking to increase interest in your product? Marketing can be an expensive, time-consuming and a tough road to travel when you are new to entrepreneurship. Here are 3 marketing strategies that are inexpensive and require minimal time away from art production!

Social Media

Social media marketing is a strategy that is just that, social. It is typically done on an Internet platform that engages the public in your content via your computer, smartphone or tablet. Social media allows your target consumers to engage with you and your brand. Some of the most common social media platforms used in marketing today are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Managing your Social Media Marketing can be very time-consuming. So, I recommend focusing your time and content on a few sites. Here are some recommendations:

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are visual platforms that will connect your art with customers. With Facebook you can create a business page this is separate from your personal page. The business page will allow you to create a community of followers that can like, comment, and share your images and content. Instagram has the same basic framework as Facebook in that you can create multiple profiles and navigate between them within the app on your phone. This similarity is nice if you have a personal and a business profile. Instagram is a social media outlet that focuses on images which are perfect for visual artists. Again, you can create a community of followers. For Instagram, the usage of the hashtag is vital in generating traffic to your profile, unlike Facebook that is better built on sending requests and calling for people to share your page.

YouTube allows the public to take a step into your studio to see you working on your most current pieces. It may not seem like YouTube is a form of social media but in fact, by definition it is. Social media is any networking platform that allows users to communicate and connect in a social way. Due to the ability to like, share, and comment on videos on YouTube it is truly a social network. YouTube is actually a social media platform before it is a video marketing technique. In the next section, I will share a bit of information about how you can turn this social media platform into a video marketing tool!

Video Marketing

Video marketing is meant to call your consumer or viewer to action. For a video, you create to be considered video marketing it should either generate interest back to your website or to something they will need to pay for in order to gain additional access. Videos are a great way to share your talent with the public and generate interest in your art. Videos also allow your followers and subscribers to get to know you. Viewers enjoy the feeling of developing a relationship with you. When you can create a sense of loyalty, your viewers can become some of your best marketing partners because they may share your videos with their friends.

Since YouTube is free this is a great way to share videos that focus on your art technique or provide short free tutorials for a specific art medium. Don’t forget for this to be a marketing technique it needs to generate something the viewer will need to act upon or purchase. By running a link at the end of your video to send them to your website or offering more in-depth instructional videos for a price at the end, will qualify as a video marketing tool. With YouTube, you can create a channel that may focus on the techniques of your particular style of art or you can post instructional videos with step-by-step information to complete a unique piece of artwork. Free and low-cost video editing software, like Apple’s iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, is available to allow you to truly customize your videos before uploading to YouTube.

Let’s use a watercolor artist who focuses on floral still life, as an example. The artist posts a 5-minute painting tutorial on the subject matter of roses on YouTube. The video was created through the iMovie software that comes standard on most Apple computers currently. At the end of the free 5-minute video, the artist then advertises a paid 30-minute video from their website that will walk the viewer through painting a floral still life with roses from start to finish. The webcam and software come standard on Apple products. The cost for creating this example of video marketing was free.

Social Media and video marketing are both virtual ways to reach your target audience. A low-cost type of marketing that is more tactile and leaves a lasting impression on your audience is through guerilla marketing.

Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is a grassroots, low-cost, fun, and in-your-face marketing strategy. Often guerilla marketing takes the form of visual art like spray paint tags or unique posters and decals allowing it to seem like a natural fit for visual artists. This marketing strategy is meant to create interest and cause the bystander to be curious enough to investigate the advertisement. It takes more imagination and creativity than money to make guerilla marketing work for you.

Implementing guerilla marketing can be a fun and exciting. Some ideas for guerilla marketing might be to use vinyl stickers or paper posters; this is called wild posting. Walking billboards or quick pop up galleries of work in public places are another trending approach. It should also be stated that legal issues can arise in regard to how or where wild posting and pop-up galleries appear. Posting decals or posters can cause an issue especially if they are placed on paid advertising or local, state or federal fixtures. In most municipalities, there are permits that are required for setting up in public places. Don’t let the risk of legal infringement deter you from using this strategy. With the proper research and planning, guerilla marketing can be a quick and fun way to create buzz about your art.

Social media, video marketing, and guerilla marketing are ways to increase awareness and create artist loyalty from the community near and far. Successful marketing will help you increase brand awareness and loyalty among art consumers.

Heather Miranda Sholar is an artist and owner of Apogee Art Studio, writer and developer of Oak City Business Blog and graduate student with North Carolina State University in the Masters of Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Sports Management. She is also currently enrolled in the Masters of Entrepreneurship Degree Program at Western Carolina University. Webmasters and other article publishers are hereby granted article reproduction permission as long as this article in its entirety, author’s information, and any links remain intact. Copyright 2017 by Heather Sholar.