Outdoor Ad Reviews


  1. Description: This is a Chik-fil-A billboard. The ad features a Chik-fil-A cow standing by what looks to be a monster in a box. The caption on the sign reads “Eat chikin or weel let this thing out”.
  2. Objectives: The objective of the Chik-fil-A ads that feature the cows is that they are trying to persuade people to eat more chicken and save the cows.
  3. Target Market: The target market for these billboards would be hungry travelers looking for an alternative fast food restaurant that doesn’t feature beef.
  4. Call to action: The call to action for this ad is to eat more chicken.
  5. Value Proposition: The value proposition is “To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us. To have a positive influence on all who come in contact withChickfil-A.”


  1. Description: This billboard was for squeaky clean teeth. It appears as though a man is window washing her teeth. It is only a mannequin.
  2. Objectives: This billboard is trying to draw in the consumer to visit Whitlock Ave Dental to have whiter, thus healthier teeth.
  3. Target Market: The target market would be middle aged females. Or perhaps, even males wanting to attract females that look like the one pictured.
  4. Call to action: Visit Whitlock Ave Dental for squeaky white clean teeth.
  5. Value Proposition: Whitlock Ave Dental handles general, cosmetic and implant dentistry.


  1. Description: This billboard ad is featured at bus stops and pedestrian crossings in major metropolitan cities. The billboard is actually a charging station for cellular devices. There is a young healthy looking man using the charging station.
  2. Objectives: The objective for this ad is to make a comparison to vitamin water providing an alternative energy source for people, like their sign provides energy for devices. It certainly draws people to the board.
  3. Target Market: The target market is millennials.
  4. Call to action: Drink Vitamin Water Energy for an energy boost.
  5. Value Proposition: The value proposition is to provide a healthy alternative to soda and other energy drinks.


  1. Description: This ad is simple yet in your face. It draws the onlooker because of its size and color. The text is simple, The most affordable ride in town. This is a lyft ad. A company that provides transportation like Uber. Basically, a cab service.
  2. Objectives: The objective of this ad would be to choose lyft over other competitors because it is supposedly the most affordable ride in town.
  3. Target Market: The target market would be people who enjoy the nightlife or need a driver.
  4. Call to action: Download & go.
  5. Value Proposition: Rides in minutes.


  1. Description: This is an ad for the Denver Water Authority. It shows hands that are shriveled from what could have been washing a car, bathing or doing dishes. The text reads “Use only what you need”.
  2. Objectives: The objective for this ad is to persuade people to be more conservative with water.
  3. Target Market: This ad targets the residents of Denver.
  4. Call to action: Use only what you need.
  5. Value Proposition: The value proposition is to provide water to the residents of Denver and for the residents to be stewards of the service.


Magazine Ad Reviews

Nike ad

  1. Description: This Nike ad features the Nike Sweet Classic High. This is a stylish athletic shoe meant for fashion and comfort. The ad states that the shoe can be ordered in various colors and are a perfect way to remain casual and purchase shoes of a high quality.
  2. Objectives: The objective for this ad was to showcase a traditional, stylish, quality shoe that remains athletic.
  3. Target Market: The target market for this ad is males who enjoy using nike products for their athletic needs and want a stylish, comfortable shoe.
  4. Call to action: The call to action for this ad is for the consumer to buy this pair of shoes to look stylish and comfortable.
  5. Value Proposition: Nike’s VP is “Just Do It” and the VP for this ad would be “The shoe works if you do.”

H4H ad

  1. Description: This ad is for Habitat for humanity and features a birds nest with natural and recycled products. The caption, “Spruce up your nest” is featured in the ad. This ad is very minimalist but high impact.
  2. Objectives: The objective for this ad is to highlight that the habitat for humanity is a great way to purchase things for your home that will make your home better.
  3. Target Market: The target market for these ads would be homeowners.
  4. Call to action: Spruce Up Your Nest. Come to Habitat for Humanity and find housewares and materials to improve your home.
  5. Value Proposition: A world where everyone has a decent place to live.


  1. Description: The ad features a woman who has been running holding a stop watch. The viewer can infer she is happy because she has set a new best time. You can also infer it is because of the new lighter shoes.
  2. Objectives: The objective of this ad is to bring awareness to the design of the Gel Speedstar 5. This design uses less material creating a lighter shoe and the ability to lower your time.
  3. Target Market: The target marker for this ad is female runners.
  4. Call to action: Buying this shoe will help to lower your running time.
  5. Value Proposition: Asics offers its customers innovation, uniqueness, and high quality products.


  1. Description: This ad is for Quaker Company’s Chewy Granola Bars. The bar appears to be a spring. This is a metaphor for what the Quaker Company believes their granola bar can do for you. The caption reads, “Put a little spring in your step. With Quaker Chewy bars made from whole grain oats.”
  2. Objectives: The objective for this ad is to communicate to the audience that Quaker Chewy bars are a good option when you need a quick pick-me-up.
  3. Target Market: The target market is adults, who find themselves too busy to stop and eat.
  4. Call to action: The call to action for this ad would be that if you feel sluggish grab a Quaker Chewy bar to feel better.
  5. Value Proposition: Quaker oats is inspired by the power and wholesome goodness of the amazing oat.


  1. Description: The ad contrasts the life of two different individuals. One person does not have a palm pilot and their life is chaos. The other person has a palm pilot and their life is in order.
  2. Objectives: The objective of this ad is to show the benefit of having a palm pilot. With a palm pilot your life can be organized.
  3. Target Market: The target market would be professional who have a lot to accomplish each day.
  4. Call to action: The call to action for this ad is to, “Organize your life with palm”.
  5. Value Proposition: It’s hard to find a lot of information about the value proposition for the Palm Pilot because the company no longer exists. It dissolved much like the Blackberry and Nokia company as a result of new trends in technology like, Apple. I would assume the value proposition would lend itself toward something to do with improving the quality of life of it’s users by aiding in the organization of business and personal information.





Newspaper Ad ReviewsSWA Ad

  1. Description: This is an ad for Southwest Airlines. Often airlines have hidden fees that they do not advertise when they run specials for airfare. It is only after you have booked and are preparing to pay do you discover the hidden fees. Southwest Airlines wanted to run an ad that illuminated the fact that they do not have hidden fees. The gimmick was if the paper was held up to the light you would discover the hidden fees of the competitor airline.
  2. Objectives: The objective of this ad was to show that even though airlines may say they have competitive pricing; Southwest Airline doesn’t have the hidden fees making it the better option.
  3. Target Market: The target market for this ad would be adults looking to travel, leisurely.
  4. Call to action: The call to action here is to, “Hold them up to the light.” In other words, investigate the competition before you buy.
  5. Value Proposition: Their value proposition is to simply get their passengers where they want to go, at the lowest cost, and to have fun while getting there.


  1. Description: There was a social media phenomenon that featured a woman in what was believed to be a white and gold dress. The reason it became a sensation was because the entity that posted the original image claimed it was actually a black and blue dress and that people were seeing it incorrectly. The Salvation Army created an ad that featured a woman in the white and gold, or perhaps, the black and blue dress with the caption, “Why is it so hard to see black and blue”.
  2. Objectives: The purpose of this ad is to bring awareness to domestic violence. Additionally, it was trying to communicate that it is okay to admit when someone is a victim of violence.
  3. Target Market: The target market for this ad would be women in abusive relationships.
  4. Call to action: The call to action for this ad is to reach out if you are the victim of domestic violence.
  5. Value Proposition: The Salvation Army is motivated by the love of God, with a missions to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, to meet human needs without discrimination.

Humanit Ad

  1. Description: Cindy Chen was the creator of a series of posters including this one. This poster appears to have an image that would be featured in a newspaper. This poster was part of an exhibition that was held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France in 2008.
  2. Objectives The objective of this poster was to bring awareness to human rights violations. They were designed to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  3. Target Market: The target market for this ad would be all of the residents of the United States of America and its politicians.
  4. Call to action: The call to action for this advertisement would be to bring awareness to homelessness in America.
  5. Value Proposition: Bringing national and global awareness to homelessness and human rights is important.

Stihl Ad

  1. Description: This is a STIHL Product ad. The ad features a leaf blower at the bottom of a newspaper page. It appears to be blowing all of the words off of the page, in an effort to get rid of all the bad news.
  2. Objectives: The objective of this ad is to bring awareness to the fact that STIHL products are valuable for professional and personal usage. They also provide superior quality while reducing the annoyance of increased noise, emissions or fuel costs.
  3. Target Market: The target market for lawn tools would be men. In regard to the STIHL products, their target market is men in professional and personal lawn care.
  4. Call to action: Had enough bad news? STIHL can change that.
  5. Value Proposition: Superior service and quality, before and after the sell of a product.

Noodle and Co

  1. Description: The Noodle & Company restaurant ran a guerilla style ad for their company. The ad was not actually running inside of the newspaper but rather wrapped around the newspapers themselves. Noodles & Company ran three wrapped newspapers that featured different languages. In essence, it appeared as if the papers were foreign. The first three ads did not actually mention Noodles & Company. This peaked people’s curiosity. On the fourth wrapped paper Noodles & Company finally revealed who was behind the “foreign” newspapers.
  2. Objectives: The objective for the series of ads was to show the public that Noodles & Company serves international noodle dishes under one roof.
  3. Target Market: The target market for these ads would be residents who receive the paper and people who have a desire to travel or eat foreign cuisine.
  4. Call to action: The call to action is to eat at Noodles & Company and travel without leaving the table.
  5. Value Proposition: Noodles & Company your world kitchen.


Television Ad Reviews

“Close to Home” by AT&T

  1. Description: AT&T aired this ad about distracted driving. It portrays normal people in their everyday lives who are brought together by an automobile accident whose root cause was using a cellphone in the car.
  2. Objectives: The objective for this ad is to bring awareness to the dangers of being distracted by cell phone usage in the car.
  3. Target Market: Cellphone users of legal driving age. Further, the ad does not prescribe to the stereotype that only teen drivers are susceptible to being distracted by cell phones when driving.
  4. Call to action: Put down your phone and drive for the safety of your family and the families potentially impacted by a vehicle accident.
  5. Value Proposition: “It can wait.

“Snickers- Brady Bunch” by Mars Company

  1. Description: The Snickers ad starts with the intro of a familiar vintage television show, The Brady Bunch. The ad parodies a scene where Marsha is speaking to her parents about being hit with a ball. Instead of it being Marsha it was a gruff, famous Hollywood actor portraying her. Carol Brady, the mother, suggests that Marsha’s character eat a Snickers because she gets a little hostile when she is hungry. After eating the snickers the male biker character transforms back to Marsha Brady. This ad was part of the “You aren’t you when you’re hungry” campaign.
  2. Objectives: Snickers can help to eliminate the bad feelings of being hungry. Choose a Snickers as a pick me up.
  3. Target Market: The target market is global millennials.
  4. Call to action: The call to action is that when you are hungry you should grab a Snickers.
  5. Value Proposition: “Snickers Satisfies”

“Mog’s Christmas Calamity” by Sainsbury

  1. Description: This ad was created by Sainsbury retail company. The ad begins with all of the members of the family dreaming in their beds during Christmas time. The family cat, however, is having a nightmare. His nightmare and being restless in his sleep causes him to trigger a series of events that nearly burns down his owner’s house. The fire truck stops thanks to the family cat, Mog, coming into the street. Just when the family feels all is lost the neighbors come and help the family rebuild and they spend time together as a community gathered around one table. This video was the frontrunner to a campaign the Sainsbury company ran in 2015 to raise money for children’s literacy.
  2. Objectives: The objectives included raising money for literacy education for children in UK and that Christmas is for sharing.
  3. Target Market: The target market is actually two different groups. One is children because the commercial is told from the style of reading a children’s book. Additionally, it attracts middle-aged individuals with families.
  4. Call to action: The call to action for this advertisement is to share what you have with others.
  5. Value Proposition: “Christmas is for sharing”

#howwefamily by Tylenol

  1. Description: The Tylenol company created an ad that proposed the question, “When were you first considered a family?” Following the question, a series of images of what used to define family is displayed. Then it poses the question another time and proceeds to display a series of images of what is now defining families in society. It portrays mixed race, blended families, and gay/lesbian couples.
  2. Objectives: The objective of this ad was to show that Tylenol recognizes and supports families and the many shapes, sizes, and faces they are represented by today.
  3. Target Market: The target market for this ad is millennial families.
  4. Call to action: The ad runs a hashtag for the consumer to use in order to share their families with others. #howwefamily
  5. Value Proposition: “Tylenol: For what matters most”

Why I Work – Gaby’s Beauty by Wells Fargo

  1. Description: The ad opens with a phone ringing and a gentleman answers it enthusiastically for Gaby’s Natural Beauty Products. As he puts someone on hold he speaks to his wife in the kitchen, who then speaks to a daughter at the table, who speaks to a sister at the door. This shows that Gaby’s Natural Beauty Products is in a family home. There is a pleasant tone in this ad. This ad illustrates that the customer doesn’t have to be a large business to utilize Wells Fargo bank resources.
  2. Objectives: The objective of this ad was to show a successful, Hispanic, female choosing Wells Fargo to support her business.
  3. Target Market: The target market for this ad is female, Hispanic, entrepreneurs.
  4. Call to action: The call to action here is that if you are working hard to make your business successful then you should choose a banking solution that will work as hard for you.
  5. Value Proposition: “Together, we’ll go far”


Radio Ad Reviews

Netflix Holiday Radio Ad

  1. Description: The ad begins with the sound of a distinguished older man and a young hipster talking about themselves. Basically, it is a compare and contrast between the two men. The older man is a CEO of a business and the younger man just finished selling sand on the street corner. It builds as the contrast between them gets bigger and bigger until all of a sudden they say they love action movies at the same time. They say that’s why I’m spending Christmas watching action movies with my CEO father-in-law/ hipster son-in-law. The ad then features an older woman and a young man. The older woman is portrayed as a loving elderly grandmother and the young man is portrayed as a lover of all things dark. Again, it builds on the contrast till all of a sudden they compare that they both love comedies. The grandmother indicates she will spend her Christmas watching comedies with her grandson and the grandson indicates he will spend his Christmas watching comedies with his grandmother. There is a bit of humor in the ad.
  2. Objectives: The objective of this ad was to illustrate how watching netflix can bring families and people together during the holidays.
  3. Target Market: The target market for this ad was for anyone at any age. The style of comparing and contrasting very different people helps to illustrate this.
  4. Call to action: The call to action with this ad was for people to start a free trial of netflix with the intention that they would enjoy it enough they would continue to use the service.
  5. Value Proposition: Netflix just might bring everyone together.


  1. Description: This ad was created by Target stores to advertise their Super Target stores with the grocery department. It is a parody of designer fragrance ads. It starts by explaining the ingredients in Chef Boyardee products using visually evocative adjectives. It speaks of Chef Boyardee Beefaroni, specifically.
  2. Objectives: The objective for the ad is to bring awareness grocery department at local target stores. The ad clearly states that the groceries are essentials and a signature value at Target stores. It also says it’s “an everyday collection”, insinuating that groceries are now a common item with Target stores.
  3. Target Market: The majority of grocery shoppers are females. Generally, Target shoppers are females by a margin of 60%+. The average age of the Target shopper is 18-44 years old. Considering all of this information the target audience would be females ages 18-44 years old.
  4. Call to action: The call to action for this ad was to bring attention to the value and convenience of doing grocery shopping at Target stores.
  5. Value Proposition: Expect More. Pay Less.


  1. Description: This ad is for Office Depot. It utilizing dry humor to communicate how Office Depot can help professionals take care of business. It starts by introducing a character named, Henry. The ad sounds a lot like a crime show introducing the facts to a case.  It begins with explaining that Henry is giving a big proposal to the city council. The listener can hear the sound of a copying machine in the background. The narrator explains that Henry is focused. Focused on printing, collating, and stapling. He is not focused on actually creating the proposal. He does not get the bid. The ad states that had Henry used Office Depot he would have had more time to spend looking over his proposal and less time printing, collating, and stapling. Thus, he would have been more likely to get the job he was bidding for.
  2. Objectives: The objective for this ad was to show how Office Depot can save professionals time on the tedious task and allow for more meaningful tasks to be done.
  3. Target Market: The target market for this ad is business professionals. This specific ad targets startup or young professionals.
  4. Call to action: Use Office Depot to save time and improve the quality of your business.
  5. Value Proposition: Office Depot: The smart way to take care of business.


  1. Description: The ad opens by sounding like the listener is going into battle. Various messes and spills are introduced sounding like wrestlers calling out their names. Bounty paper towels are in essence entering battle with the various messes and spills. The word “champ” is shouted at the end and the beginning.    
  2. Objectives: The objective of this ad is to illustrate that Bounty can stand up to even the toughest messes.
  3. Target Market: The target market for this ad is women, particularly mothers. Statistically, women clean bathrooms and kitchens more often. Also, parents and pet owners utilize paper towels more often in regard to spills and messes. Overall, the target market for this ad would be mothers looking to win against spills and stains.
  4. Call to action: The call to action for this Bounty ad is for the target market to choose Bounty for the cleaning battle in the kitchen.
  5. Value Proposition: Bounty has been known as the “quicker picker upper” for years. In summation the value proposition for this ad was that bounty is the “the most resistant towel”.  

The Most Interesting Man

  1. Description: The ad begins with a distinguished narrator speaking about a character you have not yet met. As the list of characteristics are listed this it becomes clear that the person the narrator is introducing is someone epic. The most interesting man in the world! The list of characteristics may be unattainable for most men, but the ad leads the listener to believe you should drink Dos Equis to have something similar to the Most Interesting Man In the World.
  2. Objectives: The objective of this ad is to persuade the target audience that Dos Equis is a beer that men who are distinguished drink. Dos Equis men stand out in a crowd.
  3. Target Market: The target audience for this Dos Equis beer are men ages 20-30.
  4. Call to action: Drink Dos Equis beer and stand out in a crowd.
  5. Value Proposition: If you drink this beer you will be distinguished and share attributes with the most interesting man.

I did a little bit of research on Dos Equis and found this article. Note: the number still works in this ad.

9 thoughts on “ENT 610 Marketing Blog

  1. Hi Heather, This post is for your television ad blog. Please see below…
    You chose a variety of different ads, which were enjoyable to read and watch via the links you provided. These ads showed a broad range of different areas in your analysis reviews from target markets to value propositions. The first ad stuck out in my mind. It is “Close to Home” by AT&T is shocking at the one point, you know where, yes when the accident occurred. I think I jumped a bit. It is short and to the point about their message. The other ad in your analysis that stood out to me was your third ad, “Mog’s Christmas Calamity” from Sainsbury. This ad showed a great story about how others all came together, which I am mushy when it comes to beautiful things like this. Anyway, your analyses that were completed for these ads were all very well done. Your thoughts on each were explained very well. Great job on all the television ad reviews you completed. Thank you.


  2. For the TV Advertisements – the Sainsbury one stood out to me. I first thought that this ad was for an insurance company. I was not sure what a cat, fire, helping each other rebuild and also helping children read by telling a story was trying to sell. I also found it odd that the reward for the cat was a boiled egg. So after reading this and watching the commercial, I googled Sainsbury and Sainsbury in a grocery store in the U.K. The elements in the story and the way it was delivered now make sense to me. Like most local grocery stores we have to focus on the community and how we can help each other. Again the commercial never said come shop at Sainsbury’s nor did it show the grocery store. However, it did show what they cared about, and there was food served at Christmas because everyone pitched in to help this family celebrate. The concept to help each other can apply to any business that seeks to help the community that they are a part of and by doing so trust can be built which ultimately benefits everyone.
    Great selection of commercial ads.
    thank you,


  3. Hi Heather!
    This response is for your Magazine Ads. I liked all of your selections, but my favorite was the habitat for humanity. The ad was powerful, but simple. I like the fact that when you shop at the habitat for humanity stores, you are always giving back to those in need in your own community. We finally have this store in our city, and I follow them on Facebook because as the ad suggested — you can spruce up your home with all of the goodies they have there. I really liked this magazine ad – it was so simple that I was intrigued.


  4. As Nike branches out from its athletic focus it will indeed need ads like this one. For me this doesn’t work. “works like you do” is kind of a strange way of saying this is NOT for athletic endeavors and is comfortable. As NIKE would say “Just Say IT!”
    Everyone knows Habitat so this is an excellent use of known brand creating a simple message to visit their store. Love the use of color in the nest.
    For me the emphasis is on the woman first, then on the stopwatch (not the shoe). And then I stopped. What the heck takes 10 minutes? Or is it 10 hours? A 5K should be somewhere around 20 minutes if she is excited. Using a pink shoe is silly and the right side has too much tiny text.
    Quaker – I don’t get it. Dumb ad.
    Palm – a good idea but the device on the right looks just as chaotic but it in fact harder to read. I’m certainly not sold on it.


  5. Hi Heather,
    I enjoyed the magazine ads that you chose. My favorite was for the Quaker bar. It was very creative. The first four ads drew my eyes in because of the colors. Each one had a distinctive color that played an important part in the ad. Red for the Nike swoosh, pink for the Asics shoes, the blue and red for Quakers and the Habitat for Humanity with the colors running through the nest.


  6. Heather, great choice of newspaper ads. I like the Salvation Army ad and their use of pop culture to bring awareness to domestic abuse. The blanket/newspaper ad is powerful. It gave me pause. I immediately felt compassion and wanted to help do my part to end homelessness. The Stihl ad didn’t quite come together for me. I wanted to know how they were stating they could change bad news. It was a stretch or me. I like the gimmick they used in the ad. The Noodles ad was awesome. I like the value proposition that you can experience a variety of diverse cultures through a meal.


  7. Heather, the spruce up your nest ad is cute, It appeals to the social consciousness of people. The Asics ad gives the impression if you buy the shoes, you can set a personal best record. Sneaker companies have been making promises to consumers for ever. The Quaker oats ad immediately attracted my attention because of the visual. I like the put a spring in your step tag line. I’m a Palm Pilot fan and I’m sad they’re no more. I believe apps have come along and can now do the same tasks without being specific to a phone.


  8. Heather,
    This is my response to your Newsprint analyses. Southwest was my favorite (a little biased…I have flown with them a lot…lol). I agree with your analysis, except you stated that the target market is for adults travelers. Yes and no. Teens and college students are traveling a lot more and need reliable and inexpensive flights to do so. If I were 16 trying to go visit a friend I met through one of the duty stations we were housed, Southwest would be my go-to airline carrier to get my parents to pay for it or pay it. HA!

    I also love the method in which Southwest used to “expose” competitors. It was unique and accurate. Airlines have been notorious for trying to advertise the same prices as Southwest, only to tack on so many additional fees when its time to check out. Airline’s bank on consumers unwillingness to try and rebook on another carrier after they have completed all the necessary steps.


  9. In regards to your newspaper ads:
    The only one I want to talk about is the domestic violence ad. I remember the black and blue phenomenon! I actually posted a meme of the black and blue power rangers, side by side, but it was titled “White Ranger, Gold Ranger”. I thought it was hilarious! The ad that you presented takes all those colors, but makes sure you know what the differences are. It’s asking people not to see domestic violence as something else…like a mistake or an act of love (wtf???), but to see domestic violence as exactly what it is….black and blue (represented by bruises). It is a great advertisement because it gets a very strong message across using an original design and playing off an old phenomenon.


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